Matt Trusts CARDIAMIN Because...
"I hate seeing my wife worry about my heart, so I learned not to take chances with my heart vitamin. I switched to CARDIAMIN. My doctor says it's safe. Not buying all the other vitamins gives us some extra money, and I can swallow two pills and move on with my day. Works for me."

The Heart Vitamin – Cardiamin

This healthy heart multi vitamin has it all, and no more!

cardiaminBottleLooking for a heart multivitamin with all the heart health nutrition you need and nothing you don’t? Our heart vitamin avoids the potentially harmful ingredients of vitamin K and herbal supplements and safely supports heart health for people with all types of heart disease.  CARDIAMIN provides all the essentials a heart vitamin requires – including vitamin D and omega-3’s!

With all the various heart vitamins on the market today, you have the option to have a vitamin that has been developed and backed by leading Cardiologists. Our clinical advisory board has the experience and expertise to ensure our heart vitamin is a complete and balanced supplement to support your hearts needs.

Our heart vitamin is perfect for people who want to feed their heart all the essential nutrients it needs for healthy performance every day in just two small gel caps. Created by world-renowned heart doctors, CARDIAMIN®  stands alone when compared to other leading heart vitamins, for anyone with heart health concerns.  See how CARDIAMIN® compares to others in our side-by-side comparison. Our heart vitamin has just what your heart needs without the extras, making it safe and effective—even for people on prescribed heart medications and blood thinner.  That is one of the reasons that Cardiamin has partnered with leading national health organizations, such as the American Association of Heart Failure Nurses, to bring you the best heart vitamin possible.

Why this heart vitamin?

Taking two small gel caps of CARDIAMIN daily is sufficient to meet the intake needs of people with heart disease, stroke, high cholesterol, heart attack and heart failure for vitamin, mineral, and fish oil.  As always, consult your doctor to make sure all your nutritional needs are being met.

Find out all about CARDIAMIN, our leading supplement, or use the Order Cardiamin button to get started on your new heart health program.

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